New Year’s Resolutions (A Work in Progress…)


I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions. They always seem so cheesy and the people around me never seemed to keep them. But, then I thought about my life and things I’d like to improve on and maybe accomplish. So, here’s my list (in progress) of New Year’s Resolutions:
- Get out surfing at least twice a month during the winter months and four times a month during summer months.
- Get my National Board of Professional Teaching Certification
- Play for another season of Volleyball
- Finish reading the New Testament by March
- Finish the paintings I’ve started
- Avoid getting over-extended by not saying “yes” to more social obligations than I can handle
- Eat out less and prepare healthier meals more consistently
- Work out at least three times a week (volleyball and surfing count as working out)
- Strengthen my arm & shoulder muscles to help avoid volleyball & surfing injuries
- Add the art portfolio and writing/poetry section to my website
- Seek out practical ways that I can spoil and show love to my husband
- Continue seeking God and relying on him for my needs
- Bring down our debt as much as we can, get credit report & learn more about achieving financial stability
- Set up my studio space & darkroom, have a studio-warming party to mark the opening & let people develop pictures and make art
- Travel somewhere I haven’t been with friends
Well, that’s what I thought of… I’d love to see others make lists too! It’s fun to see what direction people are aiming to take in their lives.