Patronizing the Liberal Front


There are three movies that I want to see right now. Unfortunately, none of them are in regular movie theaters. No, the ones I want to see are foreign films & documentaries that are featured at The Towne, a small “artsy” theater in San Jose. Problems is, as Josh put it, the lobby is filled with communist propaganda. Things about kids giving their viewpoint about war, telling us we should listen to them (no offense, I respect the thoughts of children, I just don’t utilize them when we’re talking about war). Articles telling of a woman who was a “hero” and gave her life for such a just cause – by standing in front of homes about to be bulldozed in some third world country. She got bulldozed along with the house. The lobby has neatly stacked boxes that say “take one” on the sides. Inside you can find lots of impeach Bush paraphernalia (including a special club you can join) and pamphlets explaining why Christians are the downfall of society and why we just need to give peace and love a chance.

I hardly know what having an interest in foreign films has to do with this perspective on life. And, the funny thing is, most non-hollywood cinemas take on the same take. Am I a communist if I like foreign films? Apparently I’m supposed to be as liberal as they come given my demographics. I’m a 24-year-old female Art teacher who wears those liberal looking eye glasses. My husband works for Apple Computer and drives a Volkswagen. I live in the Bay Area in California. I have a strong history of theatrical involvement. My favorite class was Painting. I am knowledgeable about animals & the environment and flourish in a university setting. Aren’t I supposed to be in this left-wing camp? Did I miss the boat?
And I’m one of the most right-wing conservative people I know. Maybe even more so than Josh. Dare I say, maybe even more so than Josh’s dad.
My dilemma is this — do I patronize The Town?
Perhaps I could distribute my own paraphernalia pushing my thoughts on people. Maybe I could make a really great t-shirt that shares my thoughts and wear it every time I go there. Maybe I should wait for the flicks to come out on DVD. Maybe I should just ignore their stinky pamphlets and enjoy the movie that I paid a hard-earned $8.00 to see. Maybe I just won’t buy anything from their snack bar. Yeah, that’s it, I won’t buy anything from their snack-bar. That’ll show them.