Tech Museum of Boring


Today Alex and I went to the Tech Museum for fun and learning. Overall, I’ve found that museums like this are usually kind of boring, especially because some of the “experiments” they have to show things are completely unlike the real thing. For example, one exhibit attempted to teach how ultrasound can be used to destroy a kidney stone. For the exhibit you take this kidney stone & put it together, then hit it with a ball. Wow. Doesn’t that show you how ultrasound works? Isn’t that genius? I know if I had a kidney stone, I’d just want someone to throw a ball at me. That really helped me to understand ultrasound. So, basically, most of the exhibits were a bit of the stretch for the imagination.
On a lighter note, we did get to create our own website. It’s hokey, but we used the Tech’s templates and it is Alex’s first. Maybe next year I’ll teach her HTML. (Note: This website will only be hosted by the Tech for 3 months, after that it’s gone.)
Oh, and I also got to ride a Segway. IN YOUR FACE JOSH!!! It was neat, but slow. They only let me use the 6 miles per hour key. Not the 12.5 miles per hour one which, according to the museum lady, was too “zippy” for me.
I also got to see the Imax movie The Great Coral Reef Adventure. Well, kind of. Alex freaked out so we watched it from outside the door (which kind of ruined the whole Imax experience). She said the movie made here “feel like she was moving.” Apparently, it’s scary to move when you’re a seven-year-old. But, I’m forgiving, and it was kind of interesting to sit outside and still watch a sliver of the screen. She sat on my lap, causing my leg to fall asleep so I walked around strange for awhile. I hate it when you can’t actually feel your foot make contact with the ground.
So…that was my day. How was yours?