120 Bottles of Whiskey in My Living Room


Okay, so I don’t actually have the bottles. Or the whiskey. But I do have the containers that the bottles come in. They are tall cylindrical tubes with lids. I got them so my crafts students can make a decoupage project with them. I originally had them in my car when I thought, “Dude, someone is so going to break into my car to get 120 bottles of whiskey in plain view.” So, now they’re in my living room. The cat likes to climb on them. It’s funny because it looks like she’s in her special kitty kingdom (and by the look on her face, I think she really does consider it to be her kitty kingdom).
We went to Dave & Buster’s yesterday to celebrate Josh’s birthday. Josh and I played a game where we have machine guns and have to kill these evil green dudes trying to capture the president and take over the city. It was okay…but it made my hand cramp. I think that’s number 987 on my list of why I think video games are stupid–hand cramps. I also played Beachhead which is kind of fun as an arcade game (but sucky as a computer/console game).
I’m starting to design a new site for Hyde’s Art program this weekend. I’ll give you a link to it when it’s done. I have the layout down on paper already and the content is ready to go, I just need to get the code & graphics done. Plus, I’m going to try using some CSS and maybe some PHP so I’ll have to learn a bit of that too. I actually am enjoying web design, which is something I never thought would be a hobby (or even slight interest) of mine. Interesting.