I Can’t Wait!


Okay…I’m really excited for school to start again. I think that teaching Art is one of my all time favorite things to do and I really miss doing it. Most people look forward to the summers…I loathe them. (Then again, I may feel differently if I could actually stay home or go on vacations one of these summers). I feel more alive and connected when the school year is on because I am challenged by my students and invigorated by the curriculum. So…12 days before the teacher work days start up again and I get to be in my classroom. That, and it will be nice to actually return to the same place I taught at last year. My classroom is already mostly together.
Also, I’ve continued my cello lessons. I can now more-or-less play a successful double scale. I still feel awkward when playing though. It’s a challenging instrument…there are so many things to think about all at once.
Other than that…today is a normal day. I’m going to go swimming in a bit (as usual) and will hopefully get in a bit more cello time before my lesson later tonight. That’s about it!