Losing Hope???


Well, Josh and I ripped my car apart, yet again, today to see if we could find my ring. It’s nowhere to be found in there. I had myself wedged places where no person should be in a car, dangling a little flashlight hoping to see a sparkle of gold. No such luck.
I have emptied all of my bags and gone through them three times. (Which is a very unlikely spot to begin with since they were zipped in my back seat. Didn’t know if my ring knew how to open up zippers and walk….) No such luck.
It’s definitely not in the school parking lot. I searched it multiple times. Josh searched it with me. A few teachers from school searched it. One teacher sent out a group of students to search. No such luck.
So, my hope lies in my students. Hoping that one of them picked it up and brought their new found treasure home and set it on their dresser. I’m going to draw a sketch of it and see if the school will publish it in their newsletter with a little ad. Then, beg and plead with all of my students to help me spot it somewhere. I am at the mercy of middle schoolers. Sigh.