Mind Blanks


My mind has been blanking a lot lately. It seems that with school starting I’ve had a hard time thinking of anything else. Whenever I’m home or at the grocery store…I’m thinking about my classes and what I’m going to teach and how I’m going to teach it. I’m wondering what the best way to teach it is. I’m brainstorming ways I can make it better. And, I have to admit, though it is exciting…it is also very tiring. I want to be the best teacher I can be, but I also want to come home after work (without staying late) and do things that I enjoy without thinking about my classes.
I think that the development of new curriculum is making things a bit more complex. I’ve added two new classes this year and it’s rocking the boat a bit. Plus, I’m always trying to improve on what I taught previously…so I have the wheels turning there as well.
Until I learn to shut off the art-teacher-motor, I think I need to force myself to do other activities and stop thinking about my classes. Like practicing my cello. Like finishing Angela’s Ashes. Like just hanging out. I went swimming after work today…that’s a start, right?