Sweet 25!


Well, today is Josh’s 25th birthday. A quarter of a century old. Holy cow. It seems so old and yet young (don’t feel old). Well, regardless, Happy Birthday to you my wonderful, dearly loved husband.
We’re going out to Dave & Buster’s tonight (kind of like an arcade for adults). While the food and friends are great…I always have to prepare myself mentally for video games. I have never been entertained by an arcade (which is interesting since my brothers could have spent an entire day in one if they had that many quarters). But, I have to remember that it’s Josh’s birthday and I can shoot a few bad guys (without first trying to understand them personally or attempt a peace treaty) for his sake. I think I would be a much better wife if I could muster up the attention span to play a video game for five minutes every now and then.
Interesting. I just realized that I’m the opposite of many others in my generation. Most of my students are absolutely fascinated by computers, game consoles, television…basically technology based gadgets. These gadgets hold their attention for long periods of time with little or no difficulty. Give them a book, and most of them are bored out of their minds in 5 minutes or less. I could read a book all day sitting in my papasan with an iced latte. Mmmm…caramel iced latte.
Yesterday, Josh, Brian & I all tried to go to the SFMOMA again. The Chagall exhibit was sold out when we got there (dangit!). So, we ate dinners at Chevy’s (which always makes me smile and think of good times with Carrie), then went to Brian’s house and played a game called Settlers of Catan. This is a game my Aussie friends Kami & Andrew have been trying to get us to play (mostly Andrew…he loves games) but the fact that they live in Australia makes a board game night a little difficult to pull off. Anyhoo…so we get to Brian’s and he pulls out a freakin’ tackle box full of game pieces and starts going off about various expansion packs and stuff. I’m thinking to myself – any game that uses a tackle box is no game for me. But, once the game got going, I actually really enjoyed it (and secretly am really excited to play it again…but don’t tell anyone I said that, it’s too embarrassing). The game ended with Brian winning and me yelling at Josh for trading with him and sicking the black baron on me multiple times when it was clear that Brian was about to win the game. But, enough about my husband trying to get me to lose games. 🙂
Well, I’ve spouted off enough for today. As my friend Kevin says, “This is what happens when you save up your thoughts for a week.” Except that he talks of more serious things than I generally do (on my blog anyway).
Oh…and I’ve also learned this week how absolutely important reading is for kids. But, I’ll spout off about that another day. Toodles!