Asparagus Pee


I know this is a strange entry…and is perhaps a bit immodest. But, people have told me that their favorite part of my blog is my honesty. So…I’m being brutally honest. When you eat asparagus, your pee stinks. Okay, maybe not your pee, since only 50% of the population has the pleasure of this phenomenon. But mine does.
I like to make soups on Sundays and try out a new recipe every week. And I usually make a lot so I can eat it in my lunch throughout the week. Well, on Sunday, I chose to make Cream of Asparagus. It wasn’t the greatest tasting soup. But, that aside, I did realize that my urine had an interesting odor. I looked it up on google with the words “stinky asparagus pee” and got a whole bunch of interesting articles. You see, asparagus, in some people, breaks down into sulfur which makes the urine aroma…well…different. Try it. See if you experience the same thing or if you are one of the freaks who doesn’t get stinky pee. I dare you. Eat it raw, steam it, put cheese on it, make a creamy soup. It doesn’t matter, just try it. It’s an interesting experiment anyway. And no one dies in the process. And life is all about experiments where no one dies, right?