Election Speeches, Now Just 3 Words!


Yesterday I had the pleasure of escorting a class to the student cabinet election speeches. Middleschool students whose big desire it is to be in the cabinet (a.k.a. set up for dances and plan spirit days), stood in front of the student body and shared why they should be elected to cabinet. Just over 20 kids ran for cabinet. Which also means that I got to listen to just over 20 speeches in a crowded hot room. Not to mention that our sound system is crap for crap, meaning I couldn’t hear what half the kids had to say anyway.
Oh, and all of the speeches (except for a select few) were essentially the same. Blah blah blah. Other candidates will promise you things they can’t give. Blah blah blah. But I won’t lie to you. Blah blah blah. I’ll help plan more cooler dances and spirit days. Blah blah blah. Vote for me! YAY! *mild clapping from student body*
I have a plan that will help this long boring speech time. No, it does not include giving the candidates better training on how to write a speech or how to use a microphone. No, it doesn’t go over poise, campaign management, or winning popularity. It is this: each candidate can say three words. That’s it. Just three. And they (obviously) must be very wisely chosen words. For example, “Vote for me.” This probably isn’t the best choice since it doesn’t specify who to vote for. Here are a few ideas that Josh and I thought were winners:
“Sincerity, Integrity, Dedication.”
“Sarah for President”
“Money for votes.”
“Joe gives cookies.”
See? Then each candidate could get up, say their three words, then the next candidate could speak. We’d be out of there in 20 minutes tops! (We need about 15 minutes to seat and dismiss the students) Perhaps the California Governor candidates could learn a bit from my fine thoughts.