I’m so proud of California (Did that sound sarcastic?)


If you haven’t already, I’ve found that it’s extremely entertaining to learn about all of the people running for governor in California. Here is a site that lists all of the candidates and directs you to their websites, where you can learn about all of their brilliant ways to save our decrepit state.
My personal favorites include the marajuana legalization attorney & the gay rights attorney. They are real winners. I’ve found that most of the candidates don’t even want to win (and they will state this on their pages). They are just using a governor campaign to push for their issues or just to say “Look at me! I’m gay and I can run for governor! YAY!”
And I thought the world was going to end when Jesse Ventura won in Minnesota. At least the man had a stinking platform.
Oh, and the interesting part about learning about these charcters…I mean candidates…is that the fact that they are running for governor is funny and true. Scary…but strangely entertaining…but still scary.