Purple Perspectives of the World


Well, now that I’ve had a couple of days with purple hair, I’ve noticed some interesting things. One is that I forget that I have purple hair and wonder why people are staring at me, only to remember – Duh! – that I have purple hair.
I was hit on by another woman today. Not sure if it’s a purple hair thing or a bay area thing…probably both. She was kind of nervous and said she loved my hair and that I had beautiful eyes and do I live around here? Not really knowing what to do, I kind of said, “Well…see you around,” and left. Strange.
I’ve also noticed the whispers that follow me as though they were my shadow. Mumbles of “purple…mumble mumble…hair…mumble…who is that?…mumble…looks cool…punk rocker….mumble” Again, strange.
Josh even told me that he kind of thinks I should keep it purple because he likes to see how people react to me. It makes a simple evening interesting. He thinks that my articulate, bright-eyed nature shocks people who assume I’m into goth. It’s good to know that I can not only be a good wife for Josh, but also excel in my role as a social experiment.
And the funny part is, I’m one of the most politically conservative people I know. I have purple hair, my husband is bald and drives a VW, he works for Apple, I’m a school teacher and an artist, and I’m a representative of the California teacher’s union. Shouldn’t I be as liberal as they come? Appearances aren’t everything….
Oh, and I can’t wait to be blonde again. Better that people think I’m an airhead than a gothic liberal punk rocker.