Soon I will be rich…


I have received several e-mails recently claiming to be some Nigerian royalty who “got my name from a friend” as someone who might be willing to help their company with millions of dollars. I can get rich quick! All I have to do is open an account that they can transfer their money into. Then they’ll compensate me with $8.3 million. Wow. Sounds so easy.
And the e-mail also says “This is 100% safe.” I’m sure it is.
WHO THE HECK WOULD LISTEN TO AN E-MAIL SENT TO THEM BY A RANDOM PERSON??????? Is there anyone out there who got this e-mail and was like, “Sweet…” as they pick up the phone and call Citibank? It’s probably some freaky terrorist group that’s going to use the account for freaky terrorist things with your name all over it. Either that, or it really is legit and someone needs some serious help on how to advertise for investors. Funny thought, “Hmmm…I have millions of dollars and need help investing it. I know! I think I’ll look for some random trustworthy people over the internet!” Ahhh…the internet. The only place where a 13 year old girl is really a lonely, balding, old, hairy man.
I guess I’m not alone in this. Josh sent me a Penny Arcade link that lends some laughingness to this whole scheme.
How about this… if Gary Coleman wins the CA Governor election, I’ll actually invest in the freaky Nigerian scheme. Why not? The world is ending anyway. I might as well add a little bit of drama to my final days.