13 Abortions by Age 21


I learned something disturbing the other day. One of my former students stopped in to see me and said that her sister just got her 13th abortion last week. And she’s only 21 years old.
Avoiding the whole “she’s killing babies” thing, I asked why she didn’t use some form of birth control. She said that she used the rhythm method, but just had sex anyway when she knew she wasn’t supposed to. So, basically she isn’t using the rhythm method. After prying further, I figured out what her real birth control method is. She gets pregnant, so she doesn’t have to get her period. Then, once she starts to gain weight in her second trimester, she has an abortion. She said that it was cheaper this way because she qualifies for some kind of scholarship at an abortion clinic and only has to pay $20 a pop. That’s cheaper than other forms of birth control.
It was one of those moments where I was having very strong emotions and fighting very hard to keep my cool. I told this girl’s story to Josh tonight and he got pretty emotional about it. How could a person be this disrespecting of human life? How could someone use a pregnancy as “birth control” and a way to not get their period? How could an abortion cost less than birth control? How could someone loathe themselves this much to sleep around so foolishly? How can someone justify killing 13 unborn babies before age 21?
This raises some interesting questions about God and how he decides that one person can get pregnant and be given the power to kill their babies, and another person’s babies die even though they want nothing more than for them to have a healthy, prosperous life. I don’t have anything to justify this, but I believe that unborn babies go straight to heaven. I sometimes joke that God loved the Lewis kids so much that he wanted them in heaven right away. And in some strange way it seems that they are better off not having to know the pain of this earth. Maybe this girl’s babies got to go straight to heaven too, and were spared the pain of having this dysfunctional person as their mother.