A Teacher’s Favorite Answers (from students)


These are from my student’s papers. I left the grammar/spelling the same to add to the hilarity. Good times.
Question: What is the difference between positive space and negative space?
Answer: “There both different.”
Question: Does Art have to be beautiful?
Answer: “No. Art can be as beautiful as butterflies in a field, or ugly like a hairy man leg.”
Question: What is tactile texture?
Answer: “It is the way something.”
Question: What is a shape? Define.
Answer: “A shape is a drawing that shows a difference.”
Question: Color is…
Answer: “visual quality of objects caused by the amount of life.”
Question: List some subjects you find interesting that move in everyday life.
Answer: “Fishs, They’s movement is quiet looking.”
When speaking about art….
“The Mona Lisa is a piece of art, even though she has no eye brows.”
“…a landscape wouldn’t count as art because it isn’t considered art…” (now there’s some logic for you)
“They help us tell what shows emotions. Like the difference between ne and dirt.” (I always like to know the difference between “ne” and other things…)
“You cannot just take a piece of white paper and label it ‘invisible castle.'” (Ahh…a young Jack Handey in the making.)