Frightening Times


In CA’s recent election a proposition was put forth that stated the following:
“Proposition 54: Collecting Racial Data
“This proposition, placed on the ballot by a petition, would amend the California Constitution to prohibit state and local governments from classifying any person by race, ethnicity, color, or national origin in areas of public education, contracting or employment. Classifying in other state operations may be authorized by a two-thirds majority vote of the state Legislature. The state Department of Fair Employment & Housing, law enforcement, medical research subjects and patients would be exempt.”
The strange part about this is that most of the advertising that went into it pushed to drive fear into the hearts of Californians that this would hurt them medically. I saw many advertisements that said “Vote No on 54 – Information Saves Lives” and Such-and-so medical organization says “Vote No on 54.” I was handed a brochure that had a picture of a doctor on the front and said something along the lines of “Sorry…we didn’t have enough information to save your life…”
Let’s look at the wording of the proposition again. Notice the final sentence that says, “…medical research subjects and patients would be exempt.” The proposition did not even include medical reasons for collecting racial data…yet the whole campaign against it was claiming that we needed to know the info for medical reasons. Does this look like a stupid smear campaign to you? It sure does to me.
This is what the deal is…the Joe Schmo’s in the state office want to know your racial data so they can campaign to you and try to guess what kind of crap they can pull over you based on your racial demographics. And the suckers of California fell for the lying “medical” advertisements that don’t actually have any relation to the proposition anyway. Can people read? Can people think beyond signs in someone’s lawn or a brochure handed to them? One thing I try to teach my students is what I believe is a huge issue in our society — just because something is published or written in ink or on a sign somewhere does not mean that it is true or holds any smidgeon of truth in it. Research everything from reputable sources. Question the crap handed to you.