My Favorite Products


A few months ago, I broke down and bought a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser on a friend’s recommendation. And, I have to admit that it’s my favorite product of the year. (I know, Josh would kill me for not saying the G5 or the super-dooper iPod). The reason that I love it is that it has allowed me to discover the rest of my wardrobe. The clothing that I got (not realizing that it wrinkles easily) or was given as a gift. The stuff I never ever wore because it would require the effort of ironing…something I’m only willing to do on very very special occasions. Anyhoo, this stuff rules. I just spray and tug, then put on my freshly scented wrinkle free clothing.
It has worked well for Josh also. Previously, all of his clothing was wrinkly and he was oblivious to it. I’d be chasing him around trying to get him to put his shirt back in the dryer with a damp cloth (my previous attempt to not iron). Now, he looks neat and wrinkle free.
So, anyway, it’s a stupid thing and really shows my laziness. But, I have found it and I love it.
I am also thankful for these random products:
Plant Shine Spray (It makes my dying plants look somewhat alive)
Those stick-on odor reducing things that I stick inside of my trash can
The little tablets that turn your toilet water blue
Hershey’s Magic Shell
Compressed graphite sticks
Those velcro thingies that help you to organize mass tangles of power cords
Cascade Complete