Recall Recollections


Well, today I voted at California’s recall election. There was actually a line at the polls…which reminded me of my days in Minnesota. The last election I voted in in California..well…there were two other people at the polls besides myself & Josh. This one…there was actually a line. I’m glad that people care. I think more people believed that their vote actually mattered in this one.
Anyhoo, CNN has projected that the recall went through and that Schwarzenegger is our next governor. Makes me feel like I’m in Minnesota again, except that my Governor says “Kaleefornia” instead of wearing a feather boa. Which brings me to my next point. You have to buy this shirt, or at the very least enjoy it. Hee hee.
Well, Schwarzenegger is a better pick than Bustamante or Davis in my opinion. But, I really thought that Tom McClintock would have been the best choice. Josh kept looking at these stats and categorizing me in different groups. Neat to look at. But, several issues aside, I guess I’m pleased at the “projected” outcome of the election. I’ll just check again tomorrow to make sure that things came out as CNN projected.
Elections always make me a little tense. I feel like I need to know as much info as possible before I can make a decision. So I get all nervous and stuff. I guess it’s better that I’m this way than me not caring and voting for whoever the teacher’s union or some random flyer given to me at Best Buy tells me to vote for.