Refreshing Times


Yesterday Josh & I hosted a small group of Jr. High students in our home. It was so refreshing to have faces and laughter and joy and exuberance and youth in our home. What an absolute joy. I’m leading the small group with another cool girl from our church (Annie). Josh’s job was to keep Henson from growling at people (which he eventually did by keeping him upstairs in a corner with his dog bed, multiple toys, and a dog bone). Five was very interested in hanging around the girls.
About a year ago, Josh and I shared the gospel with Henson and Five. Five was immediately repentant. Henson on the other hand…well…he has a lot of inner evil and turmoil. We might have to get out a flannel board for him to spell it out a little more slowly. 🙂 Hee hee.
So, anyway, that’s probably why Henson was growling at people and Five wouldn’t leave the group alone. Annie is really great and fun too. The girls really like her.
What a nice night it was. I’m really excited for next week.