A-ree-key-dee-key In-dee-ko (Say That Three Times Fast!)


Well, Josh took me to Indico. I played a game called Desert Combat with Josh and Neal and a few others who had coined names like “Milkman” and Something-“Sniper” and other strange names. I had no idea what I was doing. People started driving planes around and shooting at things. I was like, “WHO DO I SHOOT!?!” Josh said, “People in blue text.” I turned, spotted a man in blue text, and he killed me.
A game where not hesitating is important to your survival is not the best game to jump in to. When I finally figured out how to type messages to people, I chose to write things like “Please let me live!” and “I suck at this! I’m not worth your ammunition!” But, I think that the other team just came after me more, figuring I was worth easy points.
I decided to be bold and fly an airplane…and crashed it within four seconds. So, I thought I’d try a boat…and sunk it just off shore. Sad part with that one is that two other teammates were trusting my driving ability (stupid decision) and they also drowned. I tried driving a jeep, but the stupid enemy planes kept bombing me. So, I learned that I’m best on foot. Josh and I teamed up on a tank and I became okay at manuvering that fat thing around.
Josh let forth an excited, joyous noise when I said “Dude! The enemy is totally bombing our spawn point!” Josh clapped his hands together and said I was “a true gamer.” Freaky.
All in all, the game made me tense. Why would I choose to play a game that makes me feel panic and get tense? I don’t think I would have felt that way if I didn’t feel so clutsy stumbling around the keyboard, trying to get my dude on screen to react the way I wanted him to. That, and I couldn’t choose to be like a cool combat chick…I had to be a guy. Stupid game.
It was free for me to play because, apparently, gaming places also have a ladies night. The fact that they have to make things free to get women to come in makes it pretty clear that chicks aren’t into gaming. I might play again though. We’ll see.