Fasting…Challenging, Yet Easy


The youth group at our church is doing a 24-hour fast for hunger today. It’s been pretty easy for me to do it (especially since I often forget to eat anyway). But, I have to question how much this has done spiritually for me. I’m sure a longer fast would be better and I may consider doing that. Problem for me with this one is that I woke up late this morning. I came downstairs to make my lunch and I was like, “Wait, I’m fasting today. No need to make lunch!”
Then, brunch rolled around. Most teachers hang out in the teacher’s lounge eating food during this time (really good food…smelled like chicken today). I wanted to eat, then I was like, “Oh, I have to get those pictures up on the website! Might as well do it now!” So I did. Then lunch rolled around and I was pretty hungry by then. Then I realized that I needed to prep some stuff for Christian Club. I got that done, a bunch of papers graded, and organized my desk (which really needed it). By the time my students came in for class I felt like I had accomplished a lot…leaving me in a great go-get-em mood.
Now it’s almost dinner time and I’m feeling pretty good.
The only thing that hurt me today was this: One of my students came from cooking class and made me a homemade hot pocket. It has cheese and pepperoni and other pizza-like flavorings. But the best part was the crust. It was golden brown, warm, and flaky. I had to turn it down. Would have been so good though….
I guess I’m feeling pretty shallow that I should have been thinking spiritual thoughts throughout this fast, and really praying for those who are hungry in the world. It stinks to know that I could go through an experience like this and end up thinking about how I was awesome at fasting and totally succeeded without going through too much pain. Makes me feel spiritually empty in the end.