Fun Dog Toy Idea


Take a 2 liter bottle (or a smaller one if your dog is smaller, but this is a good size) and tear off the label. Remove and throw away the cap. Show a few dog treats to your dog, then throw them inside the container (while he’s watching). Give the container to dog and let the fun begin!
It took Henson a few minutes to realize that he could drop it down the stairs and the treats would fall out. I put more treats in it & he didn’t go to the stairs, but just carried it around the house for awhile. He actually hit our cat with it a few times, which was both violent and amusing.
If your dog is stupid, you can use a knife to cut a few holes in the sides of the container, so some treats will come out when the dog is rolling it around. They think it’s neato to discover that treats fall out just for rolling a container around.
As always, remove the toy from the dog if it starts to get torn apart as they could choke on the plastic pieces and stuff. And that’s bad. Unless you want your dog to die. If that’s the case, you have more serious issues than I can help you with.
Let the fun begin!
Here’s Henson’s Fun:

Hey, my treats are in there!

How do I get them out??? Maybe I’ll chew on the end….

Maybe I’ll just chew through the middle!

Or, I could just run around the house with the bottle….

Hey! I finally got one! That was SO fun! I wish other dogs were loved enough to have this same wonderful experience! Any owner who doesn’t do this for their pets is evil and mean, Mean, MEAN!!! *Henson scarfs up treat*