God is the Owner and Keeper of All


Today we had an awesome sermon in Church. It was about (many things, but here’s one) how people who trust things to God’s care, receive back blessings from God that are incredible.
I have learned a very valuable thing this past year. It is that everything I have is God’s. He’s nice enough to let me have a job where I can earn money and buy things. I don’t deserve the things…I’m just really blessed to live so comfortably.
Though I was horribly saddened by both of our miscarriages, I have come to a point where I realize that neither of those children were mine. They were God’s, and He just entrusted me with them until He saw fit to take them back. I’m sure I will meet them someday in heaven. (I actually tease a little, saying that God thinks that the Lewis kids are so cool that He really wanted to hang out with them…so He took them a little early).
It’s difficult to say this, but I do believe that the miscarriages have brought me closer to the Lord. I think they have given me a new respect for life and a new respect for God. It has made me aware of who these children really belong to.
I used to have a list of names of what I wanted to name my children. That list has been abolished. God has told me what I am to name His children when they come. That’s cooler than any name I could think of. And I will tell my children that they belong to a much cooler Father than Josh or I could ever be to them. And that He named them.
Today’s sermon also made me think of tithing. God blesses us with jobs (some of us) & some kind of income. Things that, again, really don’t belong to us. And all he asks for is a measly 10%. It’s so often easy for me to justify some reason why I can “tithe a little less” this time around. When I do that, I’m living outside of my means and need to cut back. Give to God what is God’s.
Well, that’s my rampage for today anyway.