Hung Liu


Well, I have another artist that I would officially like to add to my favorites list. Her name is Hung Liu. She was born in China in 1948 and, due to some bad situations going on at the time, was parted from her father (whom she did not see again until 1994). Anyway, her story is an interesting one, and you should read it.
My personal favorites include:
Chinese Profile II

Chinese Profile III

By the Rivers of Babylon

Crossing the River Series

Fisherman’s Daughter

Oh, another thing to know is that most of her paintings are huge. She majored in mural painting and is brilliant at shocking you with these close up portraits and images with their huge size. Check out here and you can see some shots of her stuff on the museum walls. I’m sure you also noticed her “drippy” style. It is unmistakable. She makes these great realistic paintings that show her Chinese heritage, all with these perfectly placed drips of paint oozing down the canvas. They give this feeling of rain or tears or simply melting away. Breathtaking, isn’t it?