I am Pavlov’s Plaything


Well, I now have an officially developed fear of bridges. I cringe every time I drive under one. I have no problem going over them. Just under them. Actually, I have a fear of going under anything that contains a lot of metal and concrete.
See, it all started with my addiction to AM radio. I love conservative talk radio. I love Dr. Laura, Rush, Sean Hannity and others. I like to listen to their arguments then nod in agreement or argue outloud (to myself in my car…which I’m sure looks real attractive) when I disagree. It keeps me connected. It keeps me thinking. It lets me hear the news without CNN (which isn’t news at all in my opinion, but that’s not what this blog is about).
So, I’m listening to talk radio on any given day and, as I drive under a bridge, the radio cuts out and is replaced by loud static and high-pitched squeaking noises that just drive me nuts! I mean, it’s awful! I have learned to do my entire ride to work & home while subconsciously turning the volume way down every time I go under a bridge. It’s like a reflex.
Here’s the clincher. Today, I was headed home from work and decided to listen to part of a CD I made instead of the radio. I still turned down the volume every time I went under a bridge! Didn’t realize I was doing it until the fourth or fifth bridge. So, the next bridge came up and I had to force myself not to reach for the volume, but I still cringed as I drove under it.
Yes, I admit it. I am Pavlov’s plaything.