Learning to Trust


I recently stumbled across these articles and was thankful to hear the stories of Christians who have endured miscarriage. In particular, I enjoyed Christian Wulfsberg’s article. He shared of his son, Noah, dying in the womb because he got strangled by the umbilical cord. After going through this death, he & his wife have another child. He says this:
So I’m sure you will understand why we named our youngest Elianah. It is an uncommon name in America, in fact, I don’t know anyone else by that name, for it is Hebrew, and it means “My God has answered.”
That’s some pretty powerful stuff.
I’m going to the doctor in a few weeks to get some tests done & whatnot just to see if I have any miscarriage-prone issues that I should be aware of. I guess I’m a little nervous about it. At the same time, I’ll be relieved to find out what, if anything, is wrong. It stinks to wonder. I think it will be better to know (if knowing is possible).
I think that these miscarriages have been a huge issue in my life, and in my relationship with God (sorry if ya’ll get tired hearing about it!). He teaches me to trust Him. He uses my weakness to show me His light. And I need Him so much. Yet, He still chooses to bless me abundanly in other areas of my life. These are blessings I don’t deserve, yet He pours them out on me. I am so thankfull for this amazing life.