Mere Woods?


So, Neal came to visit us this past weekend. (To all of you who have not scrounged up the cash to visit us: You Suck.). Anyway, when Josh was working on Monday, Neal and I took a drive across the Golden Gate to Muir Woods. It’s a park that has tons of really huge, old trees. We took the long path around the place and had some good conversation. We kept commenting about how fresh the air was and how beautiful it was there. Then, we went to Sausalito (one of my top 10 most peaceful feeling places in the world). We got some ice cream and walked along the bay, stopping into the occasional art shop.
It got me to thinking. I keep forgetting that I spent most of my life (up to sophomore year in college) riding a horse through a forest. The world would stress me out, so I’d hop on the horse and go for hours at a time. Sometimes feeling peaceful, sometimes in swealtering heat, sometimes freaked out by the surrounding wildlife…but always finding a deep peace knowing that I was getting out of the busy world and engaging myself with God’s Creation.
Sometimes I find it interesting that super techie Josh and I got married. I could live most of my life in a forest…but he brings out my city side. I don’t feel that I’ve really had an opportunity to bring out his nature side though. I hope he has one. And I look forward to finding mine again too.