Now I’m asking out teenager’s mothers…


I feel disturbed.
You see, I sent this e-mail to Josh the other day, asking him if he’d like to have lunch with me because “I’d really love to see you today. ;-)” I didn’t get why Josh didnt respond, so I called him and he came to Hyde and had lunch with me.
Turns out I sent the e-mail to one of the mothers of a girl in my youth group. A very cool lady that I barely know. She responded saying that she’d love to have lunch with me. That was very cool that she was willing to have lunch with me and all…but I felt like a total idiot that I sent it to the wrong person.
What if I had said something deeply personal in that e-mail? I didn’t…thank goodness. This situation could have been a whole lot worse. Now, I think it’s kind of funny. I still feel idiotic though.