Stupid Scrape


We had a student vs. staff volleyball game on Tuesday. It was really a lot of fun, especially since most of us adults don’t play very often. I think overall I did pretty well. I may consider joining a volleyball league because I forgot how fun it is. It heightens your senses more than the treadmill at the gym, that’s for sure.
Anyway, there was one point where I dove for a ball and slid across the concrete. I hit the ball out of bounds…so it was a fruitless attack. I also skinned my knee in the process. (You see, us teachers are too cool for kneepads).
The scrape wasn’t bad at all. Problem is, it’s on a joint. So, every time you move, the scrape just gets worse and worse. So, basically, I’ve been a limping gimp for a couple of days. When people ask me what happened, and I tell them I just have a stupid scrape, I feel kind of stupid for walking around the way I do.