I have traded classes with the Study Skills teacher for today and tomorrow. He used to be a sculptor in Italy, so I invited him to teach a sculpture lesson to my Art 1 students. So, I’ve been teaching his study skills and SDC (directed studies – math) classes. Here are some key differences:
1. Class size in Art: 35-38 students per class
Class size in Study Skills/SDC: 3-6 students per class
2. Art: We make stuff
Study Skills/SDC: We pull teeth and twist arms to get students to do their work
3. Art: I like it.
Study Skills/SDC: Ummm…it’s…um…different?
So, it has been quite the experience. I figured out how it is that schools can say that their average class size is 23 (or whatever horrid low number they can come up with). It’s because they cram the smart and average kids into one class and put all of the lower level, emotionally troubled, not focused kids in tiny tiny classes. Now, I realize that some kids do benefit from this kind of small environement, so I’m not here to argue about special ed. situations. However, I couldn’t help but feel like there were other kids who would also benefit from smaller class sizes, not just a select group.
Well, I do know one thing. I love teaching art. As soon as I get assigned to teach a different subject, I will instead begin my new career as a real estate agent.