Time to Paint


I need more time to paint. Actually, I think I have time, I just sometimes fill it with other crap like watching Judge Mathis on T.V. *sarcasm*That’s time well spent.*/sarcasm*
Tonight there’s a thing at the Art Conference (that I’m attending this weekend) where we can draw from a model for a couple of hours. I’m pretty pumped about that. Oh, and a cool thing about the conference is that it’s being held in San Jose this year. It’s seriously like 10 blocks from my house. Better than last year where I had to drive about 9 hours through Los Angeles traffic to Costa Mesa. When I registered today the lady was trying to give me directions to the San Jose Museum of Art and I was like, “It’s less than a mile from my house.” She thought I deserved some kind of an award for living so close. I think I deserved one too. Maybe cookies.