Two Negatives Make a Positive


Last weekend, Josh and I went to CostCo and got one of those huge, cheap bags of kitty litter. Feeling like we got a great deal, we were excited to have this seemingly limitless amount of kitty litter. Problem is that we put it in the back of my car and the bag ripped open. Kitty litter, in a semi-generous amount, was dumped all over.
Today, Josh and I stopped at PW Market to pick up some sodas and what-not. As we were leaving the store, we came upon a stop sign. Slowing to a stop, I heard this kind of air-pressured whisper sound. Josh and I looked at each other, wondering what this could be. I jumped out of the car and threw the hatchback open and found that not one, but two of the soda bottles had sprung leaks and were squirting all over. I kind of wrapped them up in the plastic bags, releaved the air pressure, then Josh and I headed home.
Upon arrving home, I saw that both 2 liter bottles had about 1/4 of the soda remaining in them. Expecting a huge mess, I put the bags away, then realized that there was no mess.
The kitty litter from the previous week had absorbed all of the spilled soda. ROCK ON!!!