Where God is Growing Me


Yesterday at my Jr. High small group meeting we did a neat activity. We had this list of a bunch of things that people find to be important in life (family, God, honesty, beauty, etc.). We had to narrow the list down to the 15 most important, then the 10 most important, then the five. With the final five, we chose a color that represented each one and made a bracelet with beads of those colors. I’m wearing it as a reminder of my current values and where I think God is stretching.
These are the colors, what they represent, and why I put them on my bracelet:
*Green – Money (because money is green) – I feel that God has taught me so much about handling money. I believe that any money that I earn isn’t my money…it’s God’s. He is trusting me to manage it for Him. So, I have been really convicted to get debts paid off and to tithe consistently and to invest.
* Gold Sparkle – Marriage/Family (because a wedding band is gold) – My marriage is one of the most important things in my life. I am so blessed to be able to hang out with my best friend all the time. God really reveals Himself to me through Josh. I also love to bring Josh joy (hence me going to Indico and playing shoot-em-up games).
* Pink – Knowledge/Wisdom (because brains are pink) – I took knowledge/wisdom over things like insightfulness, integrity, and honesty because I hope that having God’s wisdom would lead me to have all of those things. I like to pursue knowledge of facts and figures, then hopefully God will use that to make me a wise person…eventually.
* Magenta Sparkle – Creativity/Fine Arts (because it’s my favorite color) – I can’t think of anything that brings me closer to God than the Arts. God created…so I must also create and give back to the world.
*White – God/Jesus (because God is Light) – I know this is a Sunday School answer. But, it reminds me why I’m here. When I forget why I’m here, life kind of falls apart. Where would I be without God? I don’t even want to think about it…. He has blessed me so much.
So…that’s it. And that’s my bracelet. It’s a great conversation piece. It’s also great to reflect on yourself and your values periodically. It kind of gives you a sense of direction. It also showed me a great deal of growth. This bracelet would have had completely different things 6 years ago.