6 Months of Visits in Two Weeks


Well, no offense to everyone in MN who I know and love, but I’m ready to go back home to California. I wish I could take you all with me, that’s true…so this comment has nothing to do with you. I’m just not the super social-crazed person that Josh is. I need down time. I need time to work. I miss my classroom. I miss my house. I miss my painting and my drawing that I was working on before I left. I miss my Bible (which I left on the coffee table). I have hung out with more people during this trip than I have over the last 6 months with my California friends. Doesn’t that sound insane? Life is so much quieter for me there. Now, if I lived in MN, it wouldn’t be a super-cram-everyone-in time because I would live here and could just hang out with people leisurely. That would be the ultimate.
Some of my trip highlights since I spoke last include hang out time with the geek friends (Nathan, Jeff, JoeBuck, and Luke). I like them because they’re fun and a little crazy. Josh & I went skiing w/ Jeff, Eddie, & Aimee. That was awesome. I haven’t skied for at least 5 years so I was pretty rusty getting into it. I had a nasty spill down the end of a black diamond hill which, while painful, was also strangely invigorating. I enjoyed jumping off the jumps on the wimpy hill. Josh, Neal, and I had a lovely dinner time at Carrie’s place. She has a new condo which she has decorated up w/ the hippest of style (complete w/ Pier1 flair). I hung out w/ Josh’s family, including the new beautiful Elise. We went to Kevin & Abby’s place last night where we saw Henson and Speak (yes, Speak has his own blog) run all over the place. They were quite funny together. It was great to see Kevin & Abby again, they spruced up their house quite nicely. I had lunch with my mom. Ummm…and some other stuff. Good times. I’m quite exhausted now. Josh wanted to plan more stuff for today and I was like, “DUDE! Let’s just do nothing for an afternoon!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE!!!” So, I guess that’s what I get to do! Yay!