Food, Fun, & Friends


I got to see Helen today, and her splendid husband Eric. It is so good to see people you have a history with. Helen is one of the few people who has seen me go through many life phases and has had the guts to stick around through them all. I don’t see her often, but when I do, I feel that same connection that has kept our friendship together through the years. What a joy.
First, H & E were late coming to our house, which I was very thankful for since I decided to take a random nap before they came. Then, we went out to eat at Old Chicago for lunch. We saw the movie Big Fish (directed by Tim Burton, starring my second love Ewan McGregor). It was a nice movie with mixes of fantasy/tall tale, and some depth to consider. After that, we hit up the Holidazzle parade in Minneapolis which was dazzling. Then dinner at Chevy’s, then Border’s bookstore hangout fun time.
The best part was just the laughing and sharing. The catching up. And the laughing. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m very thankful to have friends that are there for you year after year after year. And they’re great at being friends. And you always smile when you think of them. And they help you to understand what joy means. And they don’t think you’re a dork when you act silly (because they’re pretty silly too). What a blessing, what joy.