Hilary for President???


Well, she has officially declared that she is not going to run in the 2004 election. But, there is still time for her to squeeze in under the wire. I’m predicting that she will. They’re going through a slew of democratic crazies…I mean candidates…that aren’t quite doing so well in the polls. I think Hilary will run at the last minute to “save us” from all of them. That’s my prediction anyway. If she doesn’t run here, she’ll definitely run in 2008. Scary. I think she has the ability and know-how to win. I wonder if Bill would come to White House events sporting a pair of Jackie-pearls around his neck. Hee hee.
I might get lampooned for saying this…but I’m still a big Bush fan. I think he’s been doing some stellar work as President. I hope he runs again and I plan on voting for him (unless his beliefs freakishly change). I get tired of listenting to uninformed people complain about him.