Joy & A New Side of Henson


Well, Josh and I have been back in MN for a couple of days now. Today was an extra cool day because we got to see Return of the King. (It’s just amazing…yeah…amazing). We also got to go to Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant in Roseville with Eddie, Amy, Neal, Carrie, & Sam (Carrie’s friend who we just met tonight who is really cool). After dinner, we went back to the Lewis place and played Settlers of Catan. Neal came out victorious, although many of us were very close to winning. Carrie got really into it and did awesome, especially considering that this was her first game.
There was a point in the evening where Josh hugged me in the hallway and we just shared a really cool moment of each feeling how special it was to be with friends and family again. To be able to just hang out last minute and eat together, laugh together, and goof around together. We miss that so much being in California. We’ve found some friends in California, but, for the most part, the depth of the friendships there just don’t compare to what we have here. Anyway, Josh and I were just so thankful to be here. It was this kind of peaceful, wonderful feeling that I knew we both had.
On a side note, our dog is officially gay. The number one thing I’ve said to him since we’ve come here is, “Henson! Don’t be gay!” You see, he’s really into attempting to fool around with my parents’ male dogs. He gets all frisky and excited. My parents’ dogs just look at him like he’s crazy and/or bite him. The funny thing is, you’d think you would leave a dog alone after a dog has bitten you. Not Henson. Nooooooo. He thinks it’s some kind of foreplay and it only strengthens his attemtps. Apparently he’s into that.
Any ideas on how to break a dog’s homosexual tendencies???