Naked Postcard Collection


I buy a lot of postcards & boxes of postcards to use during activities in Art class. The kids learn to classify & interpret art. Plus, the cards lend themselves to all kinds of games and stuff that books don’t. Thing is, whenever I get a box of postcards, I sort through it and take out all of the naked people. Jr. Higher’s have a difficult time getting past the nudity and learning about the art…so I don’t even go there. (That doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes stumble upon a naked picture in one of the art reference books in my room…I do the best I can though). Anyhoo…because of my censoring, I have a big stack of naked postcards. So…I’m going to send a bunch of them out just for fun. If you want a naked postcard from me, send me your address in an e-mail and I’ll drop one in the mail. I have really great ones by Gauguin, Klimt, & Modigliani. I also have one neat postcard of drag queens. First come first serve, send me your address & make your request. I’ll even pay the postage! That makes it a free postcard! YAY!