Sleeping In My Old Room


Josh and I have been staying with my folks for this first part of winter break. We’re staying in my old bedroom. It’s a little weird because it’s still shows a lot of my self from my college & high school life.. My posters & pictures are still hung on the wall where I left them, many of my books are on the shelves (sorted by type, then preference). On the other hand, the room is also crammed with a bunch of stuff that is not me (boxes from my dad’s office when he got laid off, a shot gun shell making machine, some old clothes that I doubt will be worn again, encyclopedias from the seventies). Anyway…it’s strange.
When we were gone the other night, we put Henson in his kennel. He somehow skooched it across the room and was able to grab my mom’s quilt through the bars and chew a nice mangled hole in it. My mom freaked out. So, we have officially strapped his kennel to a side of the room where he can’t get at valuables. I told Josh that we will probably need to continue doing this because whenever we’re not around, Henson gets on a Skooch & Destroy mission.
One thing that was neat about staying in my room was that a bunch of personally significant quotes & Bible verses are on the wall next to where my desk used to be. One that took me back then still takes me back today. I’ll share it with all of you. Lord Tennyson said this:
“He is closer to thee than breathing. He is closer than thy hands and feet.”
Sometimes when I feel so selfish and sinful it is hard for me to remember that my body is a temple for the living God. He is closer to me than anything I can fathom. His closeness warms my spirit and shows me grace.