Broomball Defense


The PBCC Jr. Highers had an ice-skating-then-broomball night tonight. It was a ton of fun. They gave me these wretched skates at first which made my feet hurt so bad, I swear I felt a hearbeat in my arches. I returned them and put on hockey skates, which were difficult for me to skate in, but at least they didn’t give my feet any heart-like qualities.
The broomball was fun. It’s funny how so many kids aren’t trained in team sports. I kept watching the huge mob of kids follow the ball around the ice (very few actually play their positions or, heaven forbid, stand back in case someone hit the ball their way). I was thinking, “Dude. If I was ever on a team that played like that, my dad would make us run laps!” Anyway, it was a blast.
We did a staff vs. student game and that was neato. I ended up playing a lot of defense since that’s where I was mostly needed. It was 7 staffers against 15 Jr. Highers. So, when the ball got hit down towards the goal, I’d block for my people so they could get in for a clear shot. Anyhoo, that would basically mean me fending of 7 kids or so by myself. I figured out the ultimate way of defending. I’d yell, “BACK OFF you guys! Give her some room!” At which point about half of the kids would just back off. The rest I’d hold back either by checking them into the boards, picking them off, or putting my stick in front of them (is that legal?).
We had one goal that was some beautiful teamwork. One of our middle players hit it up to Dave who passed it to Jenny who passed it to Mark in the center. I blocked some kids out of the way and Mark just slapped that ball straight down the center for a goal. It was awesome. I love stuff like that. I love when your team learns to slow down the game and take control of the ball. That, instead of the “just hit the ball in some direction” method of playing.
Anyway, good times.