iBook + Broken Windshield Effect=Angry Stephanie


Well…the end has come. Let’s just say that the desktop on my beloved computer (her name is Savannah) is supposed to look like this:

Now, imagine it with a broken windshield spider-web effect right over the “X” of “X2.” Imagine Wolverine’s face spliced into several pieces by this “glass” (if you can bear the thought!) Imagine a few obnoxious green and red lines moving vertically over the left side of the screen.
I set my computer (in it’s bag, of course) on my chair yesterday. It fell off the back of the chair. I think the corner of my power adapter got smashed into the middle of my LCD monitor.
Now the torture…how long do I continue using it like this? Can I bear the thought of separating with her for three days while AppleCare attempts to repair her shattered face? Savannah is the only computer at my school on Panther…dare I switch to *gasp!* OS 9 for those dark days? Will I be forced to share a computer with Josh??? I mean…will I be forced to beg Josh for a few minutes of time on his computer (if any time remains)??? When will this nightmare end!?!