It’s That Time of Year Again


The time where I sit down and unwrap the numerous gifts given to me by my beloved students. I got some cool stuff like giftcards. I got some interesting stuff like miscellaneous trinkets and knick-knacks. And, as usual, I got an insane amount of candy. One student even gave me a 3 pound box of truffles. Wow. That’s a lot of truffles.
So, Josh and I sat around tasting everything to determine if it was nasty or if it was worth putting in the giant bowl of candy (I’m talking the size of my popcorn bowl…for those of you who have seen me eat popcorn, for those of you who haven’t, it’s a really really big bowl). The sorting is complete. I’m bringing the bowl to work to set on my desk so my students can help me eat it. I think it would be horribly wrong for one human being to consume that amount of candy by themselves.
There is always some guilt associated with receiving candy from students. Part of me is very greatful that they were kind enough to think of me during the holiday season. When I eat the candy, I feel guilty about the amount of sugar I am consuming and imagine it going straight to my hips. The hips that I work all year round to maintain at a healthy size. When I don’t eat the candy, I feel guilty for not honoring the gift that was thoughtfully picked out by my students who are, according to me (and I also believe that I am the ultimate authority on this subject), the awesomest students in the world. So, I have resolved to share the candy with others, nibbling here and there myself, using it as a conversation starter and a reward with others.
Mmm…insane amount of chocolate…. garallllllaaaaraaaghghalalalllllrraaraghgharllll…..