My Butt Hurts


My butt hurts. I couldn’t figure out why…then it dawned on me. On Thursday I had to spend 8 hours sitting in a hard plastic chair as I learned how to use a crappy program. There are some perks to the program…but there are some serious design flaws. For example, whoever programmed it decided to rename “columns” to be “tasks” and “rows” to be “sets.” What the heck? If I need to redefine words in my already standard vocabulary to use your program…you suck. Pure and simple. Anyway, I get to be the friendly messenger who teaches this program to the rest of the people at my school (here’s to hoping no one shoots the messenger). And my butt hurts from that stupid plastic chair. I don’t know what hurts more, my butt, or my heart for knowing that such crappy software not only exists, but is widely used in our schools. Oh the pain.