Stupid Spammers


Some of you may have noticed that I just got hit this morning with over 100 spam comments advertising for gambling. I have also received a bunch of spam regarding penis enlargement, Viagra, and psychic readings (among other things). Anyway, it is SO IRRITATING! Luckily, I have de-spamming software ready to go so I can get the stuff deleted.
Who thought of slapping personal blogs with annoying advertising crap. And does it actually work? I know it just ticks me off really bad. I will not involve myself in any business that spams blogs, spams e-mail, or calls me on the phone (including charities). I’m not trying to be mean or anything…I just get really annoyed with people who advertise products and services that have no tact. They think they have the right to do their song and dance on my time and on my server???
I think the government needs to put down some strict regulations about spam. It is so irritating. Especially when the companies don’t need to pay for their advertising. That means that they hit us, the possible-consumer, really hard with nothing coming out of their wallets and no consequences. At least when they have to pay for advertising they are more conservative, think about it a little bit more, and are selective on where/when they place their ads.
Stupid spammers. I was thinking that some good consequences would be: burning down their house, loading up their computers with viruses (the “You Stupid Jerk of A Spammer Virus), and kidnapping their children for large ransoms. That’s what I’ve come up with so far.