Top 10 Goals for Your Life


One assignment that my students have is to write a list of the top 10 things they want to accomplish in their life. This gives us a starting point for what they want to make their Art about. Here are some of my favorites (original spelling/grammar has been preserved):
Alex, a 6th grader, said:
1. Be an astrophysisist
2. Find out about dark energy
3. Find out about dark matter
4. Find out about black holes
5. Find out other stuff about the universe
6. Understand quantum physics
7. Get only good grades in school for the rest of my life
8. Win the Nobel Prize
9. Unify the special and general theories of relativity with quantum physics
10. Figure out how to create a stable wormhole (to make a time machine)
Yuta, an 8th grader, said:
10. I want to be the king of the country. Or the president.
Hiromi, a 7th grader,said:
3. I want speak english relly good.
I’ll post more in the comments if I find more good ones.