Do Ducks Have Lips?


The Jr. High group at my church had an activity yesterday called “Do Ducks Have Lips?” Basically, the leaders dressed up in disguises and walked around the mall. The kids ran around and had to ask people the code phrase, “Do Ducks Have Lips?” Obviously, if someone not playing the game was asked, they’d say they don’t understand (or, “Get the f*** away from me!” as one group of kids got told). If they ask us, we need to respond with, “I don’t know, but I hear that snakes have hips.” We then sign their card and they continue on looking for people. There are prizes for the kids that find the most leaders.
Josh dressed in a fun costume, which I’ll let him describe on his own blog (lest he get angry at me…).
My costume was a red long-haired wig, glasses, a make up job with additional shadows, wrinkles, and facial moles. I wore a black dress with a blouse over it…essentially I looked normal (except my hair may have been a bit brighter than normal red). Oh, I also saran wrapped (under my dress) some socks to my body to make me look a little pudgier than usual. I sat with a stranger that I met at a table, drank my coffee, and read my book. NONE OF THE KIDS FOUND ME!!! What the heck? That totally shocked me because I thought I looked so obvious. I had several groups walk by and look right at me, but keep on walking. One group was going to ask me, but thought that I “looked busy” and didn’t want to disturb me. Another group of kids came up to my table and asked the stranger, but didn’t ask me! It was a very surreal experience.
I did get a good amount of reading done in my current literary adventure, The Life of Pi.
But, I got a Jamba Juice gift card for going stealth and having no one recognize me. Good times.