I Could Have Died Today


Seriously. I was in my room over brunch talking to some girls about an upcoming contest. I was eating a green apple (Granny Smith to be exact) for my morning nourishment. Then, one of the girls said something funny and I laughed after I had just bit off a chunk of my apple. It got lodged in my throat and I couldn’t breathe. I was standing there gasping for breath (except I couldn’t even gasp, I’d open my mouth and no air would come in or out). One of the girls just stood there and said, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” Over an over. The other one was like, “I think she’s choking! Are you choking! Your face is turning red!”
I was pounding on my chest and gaging a bit. I thought, “I need to find a chair to give myself the heimlich!” One of the girls said, “Oh my gosh! You’re purple! PURPLE!” As I started standing behind a chair, I gagged and the apple came out.
Then I thought about how much it would have stunk to go out like that. I can see the tombstone now, “Here lies Stephanie, she lived a good life, then choked on an apple.” If I die young, I hope it’s something cool like, “Here lies Stephanie, she lived a good life, then died while saving 1000 kittens and innocent children from a crazed terrorist.” Or something cool and heroic like that. Not an Apple. That’s just too pathetic.