Learning How To Be A Bigger Geek Than I Already Am


I just took a class last night on Adobe GoLive. It continues on Thursday. I’m basically starting to take courses to learn how to use a lot of Adobe’s software. Since Josh and I have been getting into web development, we’ve both been curious about what shortcuts are available to make web dev less time consuming. Although I think GoLive is neato, there are still a lot of things that bugged me about the program. I guess I’m a control freak and html gives me so much control.
I felt like the biggest geek last night. The teacher gave us a problem to solve to get the cells in the table to align a certain way. I couldn’t get the program to work with me, so I just went into the source code and changed it. The teacher was excited that someone had figured out how to change the cells, but I kind of got in trouble a bit when he found out that I didn’t use the program, but used the code. I think GoLive is the most powerful when you know how to use the program and how to write html. There’s a reason why they let you split the screen with the source code.
Next I’m going to learn Adobe’s Live Motion. It’s cool being a teacher because I’m a member at this thing called RAFT and they offer free Adobe classes and even free software to teachers who can prove a need. It’s a much better price than the webdev classes I was looking at at the University.