Return to Normalcy


It’s so interesting how, when life gets boring, the mundane things tend to drive us bonkers. There are so many weekends when I dread the inevitable laundry pile, or every night when the stack of dishes in the sink beckons to me. Even when the car needs gas, I feel like my life has been reduced to some repeated tedious tasks. I hope for my life to become something better, something greater, something more meaninful. Wasn’t I meant to have a greater impact on the world than this?
Then, when tragedy strikes and your world is rocked, there is a kind of peace in the mundane things. I know that sounds weird. But, I felt peaceful and real doing my laundry. I was glad that there was some kind of regular thing that kept me tied to the normal world of normal people who do normal things (like laundry). The return to normalcy has been good. How long until it seems mundane and pointless again?