Super Bowl Time is Strange


I was walking down the sidewalk of my apartment complex and no other human being was in sight. I could, however, hear a play-by-play of the superbowl coming from about every other window. People had their apartments filled, windows open, superbowl blaring, and occasional cheers/jeers. It was such an interesting cultural commentary that everyone (except me) was glued to their television.
I used to watch the superbowl. I used to be interested in it. Now, I have to many other things that are of higher interest so I do them instead of the superbowl.
The streets just seemed so empty. No cars. No people. Many of the people I did see earlier were wearing jerseys or colors of their favorite team. And I…I’m wearing denim. As usual. People today choose to support their favorite team by wearing their colors…I guess that means that my favorite teams are The Gap and Levis. That I can deal with.